Anonymous: how do you get your sidebar image to change?


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Where are you from?


What program do you use to make your .gifs?
Photoshop CS6. :D

How do you make your .gifs? 
Check here for Melissa’s great tutorials they’re basically how I make mine :)

When I upload my .gif it’s just a still image, why won’t it work?
The .gifs have to be under 1000kb to work on Tumblr (yay for the new limit!), so you’re going to have to either make it black and white or delete some frames or something so the .gif is small enough to work on Tumblr. ALSO, sometimes you might get “error” and that’s because of the colouring, apparently Tumblr has something against too much magenta/cyan (or that’s the best explanation I’ve read for it!) so you may have to change the colouring :( 

How do you download a video?/Where do you download your videos?
I get the majority of my videos from YouTube and some other random sites here and there, but mostly YouTube and I download them with a YouTube downloader, it’s like the second one that pops up when you search “YouTube downloader.”

How old are you?
I don’t really want to have my age sitting here idk why but I just started uni so that’s an indication of it!

How many followers do you have?
Around 8000+

How many blogs do you follow?
Around 150-200-ish. I try to keep it around there so I sorta know who I’m following better and yeah. 

Follow back?
Ahhhh this question always makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel pressured omg please don’t ask this I probably won’t follow you but don’t take it to heart!!!!!

Post a photo/why won’t you post a photo?
It’s kinda just become a thing on my blog now that I don’t post my face, it’s a bit of a running joke I guess but who knows I probably will one day!

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